You can never have too many Avengers figures. This is a lesson I'm now learning some months after the Marvel Cinematic Universe finalized its third phase. The merchandise just keeps on coming, whether you're ready for more of it or not. Honestly, the only thing I have to truly complain about when it comes to this kind of news is that I'm running out of money to afford all the things. That there are too many Marvel collectibles on the market to collect is a good problem to have. Sort of.

While the rest of the core Avengers cast had already been announced as getting their own SH Figuarts incarnations earlier this year, the big bad of Avengers: Age of Ultron had been missing for some time. Tamashii Nations formally unveiled the SH Figuarts Ultron this week, bringing the number of Ultrons announced or released in 2015 to 1,345,875, which is an 1,345,875% increase year over year. Built to scale with the rest of the line, which is still minus Black Widow, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (I guess we can give up on that dream now), Ultron looks as formidable here as he did in the film.

At 6.9" tall, Ultron is just beneath the Hulk and Hulkbuster in height, but manages to have a bit of an advantage over the rest of the team. It looks like Ultron will come with a few different hands and have some good leg and arm articulation. However, like many of the Ultron Prime figures we've seen elsewhere, there's little to no movement in the torso. The design of the character for the film leaves little for companies to work with in that regard, but if I expected one company to attempt some outside the box thinking, it was Tamashii Nations. That's just not the case though. Still, it's a good-looking replication of Ultron from the film, and will likely come in at a much more affordable price than some other import figures.

Pre-orders will open up through Tamashii Nations on Sept. 11, with the figure due to arrive in May 2016. The SH Figuarts Ultron will run you ¥7020 (~$60), though import prices are likely to vary by retailer.



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