On sale in March is Bunny in the Moon, the third hardcover compilation of paintings, illustrations and other artwork by the esteemed Tara McPherson. Known to comics readers for her contributions to projects like Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall and MySpace Dark Horse Presents, McPherson's work is seen by music fans everywhere for her wonderfully idiosyncratic concert posters for bands like The Melvins, Faith No More, Liars, Kings of Leon, Beck and The Decemberists. McPherson is a master of mixing the cute, the dark, the sexy and the surreal, and is certainly one of my favorite illustrators.

Featuring an introduction by Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, Bunny in the Moon is published by Dark Horse, who've also released a great deal of cool merchandise based around McPherson's work. With the new art book available for pre-order now, ComicsAlliance takes an advance look at some of the work compiled in Bunny in the Moon.NOTE: Some nudity has been censored for your protection.

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