If you've had the pleasure of reading any of Ted Naifeh's work, like Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things or his original graphic novel How Loathsome, you've seen some pretty strange places. His new fixation with Batman, however, contains some very familiar imagery, and even if it turns out that he really isn't going to be a fill-in artist on Batman Beyond, the Bat-art that he's recently produced could make for an enticing audition.

Naifeh merely teased that he wonders if DC needs a fill-in artist on their futuristic Batman book in his cryptic musings onTedNaifeh.com. He's been doing some serious sketch work, though, perhaps even enough to get himself ready for a Batman Beyond issue or two.

He wouldn't be a bad creative choice to put on a present-day Batman book either. Just check out the concepts he's done up for Detective Comics and Batman: Confidential and decide which one you think he's best suited for.

[Via Robot6]

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