Starfire has a problem. Thanks to her alien upbringing and her unfamiliarity with the intricacies of Earth languages, she has a hard time communicating with her friends, who are always using the metaphors. She tends to be a little more literal, and that's making her feel a little "uncool" around her "teen" "pals."

Fortunately, this week's episode of Teen Titans GO!, "Knowledge," finds Raven willing to help, with the show going into full-on Schoolhouse Rock mode for a song about how to spice up her conversations, and it is amazing.



As you might expect if you've seen the show,Teen Titans Go!'s version ofSchoolhouse Rock isn't quite as educational as the original version, where songs were meant to teach impressionable youngsters about how the government and electricity work. Which, of course, is why Raven casts a spell to give Starfire the sum of all human knowledge, which also gives her a gigantic, horrifying brain.

You know, like you do.



Here's the official description:

"Starfire is tired of not fitting in with the other Titans, and asks Raven to help her to learn more about human culture. Raven casts a spell to give Starfire all of human knowledge, which turns Starfire into the total bummer."

"Knowledge" airs on Cartoon Network next Thursday, August 21, at 6:00 Eastern.