A superhero sitcom inspired by the characters created and/or popularized by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Teen Titans Go! is one of the best ever DC Comics series to come out of Warner Bros. Animation, which is saying something considering the prestigious history of that association. In addition to the character-based comedy and high-energy action gags, one of the crucial forces behind the show's success is of course art director Dan Hipp, a ComicsAlliance favorite whose influence is so omnipresent in TTG that it may as well be called Dan Hipp: The Animated Series. Spotting all the background easter eggs, distinctive style flourishes and other Hippisms in Teen Titans Go! is half the fun of watching the series, which is back this weekend with a new episode in which we get to take a look at something that Hipp very obviously enjoyed drawing: the Batcave.


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