Launching in September is Teenage Satan, a super cute new multimedia comics project created by Stephanie Buscema, Marsha Cooke and Candis Cooke. Taking the form of a webcomic and iPad application with games and other functions, Teenage Satan is the story of the pint-sized prince of darkness as he journeys through puberty, high school and the birth of Christ. You can check out loads of gorgeous artwork and learn more about the project after the jump.

Beyond its deliciously blasphemous premise -- which includes the young devil playing in a rock band and flunking out of mama Jezebel's homeskool - Teenage Satan is packaged in the kind of retro cartoonist style that we can't get enough of. It's no surprise, then, that the creators of this beautiful book have deep connections to that school of art. Stephanie Buscema, who's contributed to Girl Comics, among other titles, is the granddaughter of legendary Marvel Comics artist John Buscema. Marsha Cooke and Candis Cooke are the wife and niece, respectively, of mid-century revivalist Darwyn Cooke, and Teenage Satan marks their comic book debuts.
The artwork alone is reason enough to check out Teenage Satan when it drops in September, but as you can see from the promotional materials below -- which includes the single best comic book video trailer we've ever seen -- the story and characters cooked up by Buscema and the Cookes looks unusually fun. You can keep track of Teenage Satan at the project's website.

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