Initial teasers for The Amazing Spider-Man videogame were heavy on crazy robots. Wonderful as that may be, a new promo vid at IGN indicates the movie tie-in will have plenty of more organic foes to face as well. Dubbed "The Amazing Spider-Man's Iguana," the main monster Spidey faces in this vid is not Curt Connors, but rather some unlucky schmuck Oscorp has mutated ala the Rhino as we saw in the last Amazing Spider-Man game footage. At first glance, this iguana guy (who might be based on the character from Spectacular Spider-Man #32-34) is a little reminiscent of the Lizard's Ultimate design, although quite a bit beefier. On top of some clear looks at the Wall-Crawler's upcoming foes, IGN's new vid also shows off some of the most impressive sandbox webslinging and combat from Spidey's free-roaming movie epilogue. Provided the game plays as nice as it looks, Activision and Beenox may top the kind of praise the Spider-Man 2 game got in 2004. See The Amazing Spider-Man game in action after the jump.

[Via IGN]

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