As "Siege" heats up across the Marvel Universe, fans are bracing themselves for an event powerful enough to cancel every Avengers title before the series picks back up in May with an all new #1. Today Marvel's announced that Brian Michael Bendis will continue to man the helm as writer, alongside all new series artist John Romita Jr.

In addition to the confirmation of the new creative team, the series' official lineup is also being cemented with new images under the "I am an Avenger" banner.

The first image shows Buck Barnes as Captain America, prepped and ready to forge his own legacy. There's been a lot of debate over which super solider would don Cap's indestructible shield full time and now it looks like fans have a good look at the hero under the pen of Romita Jr.

While it's more or less been confirmed already that Iron Man and Thor will also make the team, it should be interesting to see how Romita Jr. takes to Tony Stark's new suit of armor, along with the rest of the team's as-yet unknown lineup.