As much as technology has increased our ability to record and preserve history, without deliberate action, it's easy for important details to fall through the cracks. Recognizing the lack of historical documentation regarding the changing craft of making comics, inker Mike Furth ("Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way" #1) has set out on a quest to record the insights and histories of the comic book industry's most influential craftsmen and women with

The Comic Archive is now seeking funds via Kickstarter, with a $4,000 goal aimed at funding content. Furth breaks down the projects goals and its intended financial thrust thusly:

"What I need are the funds to start paying for things like web designers, hosting and equipment to film with. Right now is a turning point for comics. Soon the process will change completely and I want to make sure we have a record of the old ways before they are no longer present."

You can check out the project's Kickstarter widget and video examples of Furth's intended efforts after the jump.

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