With the success of "Batman: Arkham Asylum" still resonating through the comic book and gamer communities, it's interesting to look at other major DC heroes and wonder whether they might make the same jump to video game greatness. Sadly, most haven't.

A few years back, though, an honest-to-goodness video game based on DC Comics' scarlet speedster The Flash (it's important to make the distinction between a video game starring The Flash and a video game made using Flash) was in the works from BottleRocket Entertainment ("The Mark of Kri," "Vector Man") with more than a few graphic contributions by comic artist Roger Robinson ("The Red Circle: The Web").

Superpunch has links to Robinson's blog, where the artist showcases what could have been -- well, concepts of what could have been. The load menus are pretty impressive and could still serve Flash fans well as a desktop wallpaper, but my favorite pieces are the storyboards - namely the expressions on the Flash's face when he sees Captain Cold.

It's a shame the game didn't quite manifest, at least judging from what Robinson brought to the table. Maybe DC Universe Online will capture some of the same Flash flavor?

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