People say they want realism in comics, but let's be honest -- they don't. 1) Because reality is often very boring, 2) because superpowers are inherently unrealistic and 3) because even if we're willing to suspend our belief and accept that they could exist, they're still going to be surrounded by a million other details that are just as unrealistic. And generally, the goal of escapist adventure stories is to transport yourself somewhere beyond the mundane, not sit there picking apart the fact that Giant-Man's bones would collapse under their own weight or that the Human Torch makes no sense in terms of thermodynamics.

Let me give you another "for example": While careening through the air at Flash-like velocities, Superman surely comes in contact with more than his share of bugs -- just like your average windshield might, if it were moving at near-light speeds. So what would this actually mean in terms of how many mosquitos end up in his teeth? The webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal thought it through, so you don't have to.

For more on superheroes and reality, check out the Batman vs. Reality video, also from "SMBC," after the jump.

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