There are some excellent offerings in this week's round-up, so I hope you're prepared to waste some valuable time online after reading this post. Wait, what am I saying?! You clearly do if you're reading these words. Stupendous!

I know I mention a handful of the same webcomics each week, but I have to point out that the most recent update from The Gutters is, again, pretty damn funny. I'd post the image here, but there are swears in it, and I'm too lazy to crop them out right now. As far as the whole Avengers versus X-Men thing goes . . . I mean, I guess? I'm sure there will be some pretty badass scenes from the whole crossover orgy, but I'd much prefer a great villain for each team to fight separately. Whatever. This is why I write about webcomics.

Oh, right. I should probably get to those instead of complaining about cape and tights titles. Ok! This week's best webcomics, in my humble and only slightly educated opinion, are . . .Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has been featured on here before, and I'd like to try and highlight as many different titles as I can, but I'd be remiss to not mention a recent update in the series that is downright terrifying. If you've had to sit through those godawful Jack In The Box commercials that play when all you want to do is watch the opening segments of The Daily Show online for free because basic cable sucks and you really don't need another bill in your life, then you probably understand that some sort of evil, global marketing plan has already gone into effect and that we are all doomed. Dooooooooooooooomed!

Sorry. It's okay. We're not doomed. Everything is fine. Really. There are some really smart people in charge of things, and . . . ummmm . . . don't worry about it. Let's read some webcomics!

I've been waiting to call-out Birth of Venus until it was back on track with regular updates, and this week the series has started a short prequel before launching into its third chapter. If you haven't read the series, start here and prepare to be won over by the retro-futurism and sharp art. Birth of Venus seems like a throwback to the comics of twenty years ago, but still maintains a modern feel. Fans of Dean Motter's ground-breaking Mister X are sure to enjoy the series, as is anyone who enjoys a noir-style plot in the vein of Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep?. Highly recommended.

I actually had to go back through the previous columns to make sure I hadn't already highlighted Chainsawsuit. Much to my surprise, I haven't praised this short, simple, and laugh-out-loud online strip. Srsly, bro. So much lulz. Except when it makes you feel sad, in a funny way. But then it might make you sad again. Hilarious!

Remember when you were in high school and not having sex, and so the most minute of details involving your favorite game/comic/movie/show/book were held in such high regard that anyone who dared trespass ignorantly into your world of geekdom would forever feel the mighty wrath of your dedication? Oh, you're still like that? You'll love Nerd Rage then, nerd.

This webcomic is mostly about 8-bit characters making sex jokes. You're into that or your not. Guess which camp I pitch my tent in? Hint: Yours, sugar.

Whoa. You're still here. I would have thought that the last paragraph would have grossed you out enough to leave. Well, since you're sticking around I might as well recommend one last webcomic. Protege isn't exactly a top-notch spy thriller, which is probably why it's online and not at a traditional publisher. Despite a host of problems, publisher are still able to distill the best work in a way that the Internet as a whole hasn't been able to do. Protege may not be superb, but it's still very good and shows promise for both writer and artist. I look forward to seeing the series continue and improve, hopefully you will too.

That wraps up this week's coverage. If you're looking for even more recommendations, be sure to check out Lauren Davis's review of Manta-Man. Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, angry rants, etc. below and I'll see y'all next week.

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