By the end of 2014, it might be tough to name a comics publisher that hasn't offered up a Humble Bundle deal.

Oni Press is the latest publisher to join the ranks of the Humble Bundle crowd (others include Top Shelf, Valiant Comics, and Boom Studios), though it's put a bit of a spin on its offering of 24 titles and more than 2,500 pages of comics. Buyers can choose to donate the proceeds from their purchase to the charity Direct Relief, an organization helping to treat and contain the Ebola outbreak in Africa, among other humanitarian causes.

Donors who contribute any amount get the first volumes of Buzz, The Sixth Gun, Letter 44, Bad Machinery, and Sketch Monsters, along with the first issues of I Was the Cat and The Auteur.

Those that pay more than the average (as of this writing about $15) also get the graphic novels Capote in Kansas and Down Set Fight, and the first volumes of Courtney Crumrin, Diesel Sweeties, Helheim, Megagogo, and The Bunker. For donating $15 or more, add in the first two volumes of the Scott Pilgrim color edition, Lost at Sea, and the first volume of Stumptown.

That's a ton of comics, and the first volume of The Sixth Gun alone costs $15 on Amazon right now, so it's a pretty serious deal. According to the Humble Bundle website, the whole package is worth more than $360 retail.

The comics are available for download in .pdf and .cbz formats, and are DRM-free. The offer ends Oct. 15.

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