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Have you ever wanted to be right on the front lines of the comic book industry? A few select Hero Initiative volunteers who have proved themselves dedicated beyond our wildest dreams are, as they are members of an inclusive and growing group called The Hero Initiative Regional Advisory Board.

People from all walks of life with one common denominator-a love of comics and helping out-have joined our team. And so much for the "Comic Book Guy" stereotype: The Hero Initiative Regional Advisory Board counts a Northrop-Grumman engineer, a high-ranking official in the Ohio attorney general's office, a decorated Operation Enduring Freedom vet, and an MBA in the financial services field in its ranks.

The Hero Initiative Regional Advisory Board engages and inspires others in the community to become involved in Hero's efforts to help comic book creators in need. Members are ambassadors in their communities, helping to increase awareness, recruit volunteers, and raise important funds for the men and women that Hero serves. Hero is fortunate to have found enthusiastic individuals in the United States and Canada who are committed to our mission. Each member brings expertise and professional experience to the advisory board and our organization. Members are also rewarded with special perks, including a personalized Certificate of Thanks signed by Hero Board member John Romita Sr., and discounts from Dynamic Forces, Tales of Wonder, and CGC.

"The great comic fans who have jumped up to volunteer their time to Hero truly are the backbone of the organization," said Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin. "It's important to let the world know who these great folks are, and reward them for their contributions."

"Volunteering has allowed me to stay active in the hobby of comic books, and given me the opportunity to meet some of its most esteemed creators," said Kevin Brogan, first year head of the Regional Advisory Board. "The friendships I have developed make me feel like part of the comic book artist community."

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers and eventually joining the ranks of this respected group, please email us at

For more information and to contact your local Hero Regional Advisory Board member, visit and click on the map.