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I'm going to be real with you, folks: even though we're looking down the barrel of 38 superhero movies over the next few years, the one that I'm looking forward to the most is easily Lego Batman, starring Will Arnett as the Caped and Blocky Crusader. It's been something I've been looking for ever since it was announced, but now, I've got an even bigger reason to want to see it, because we finally have a detail about the plot.

According to a red carpet interview with Arnett, along with cowriters and directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the 2017 Batman movie will focus on answering one question: Can Batman be happy?

The interview also hints at the possibility of cameo appearances from other Batman actors over the years, following up on a statement from Miller about how they're planning to acknowledge "every era of Batman filmmaking," as well as some gleeful surprise about the level of action that's going to be on display.

It's that question of happiness that has me interested, though, as it's one that's been tackled by creators time and time again in the Dark Knight's 75 year history. It's been at the center of other Batman movies before, too -- Mask of the Phantasm has that question at the center of its action, and comes away with a pretty depressing answer -- and while it seems like a simple question to answer, Arnett promises that there's at least enough there for 90 minutes of screen time.

Personally, I hope it ends up with something close to what Batman writer Greg Rucka said in our recent interview:


On some level, and Mark Waid has been a guy who’d advocate for this absolutely, this is a guy who looks around going, “This was a horrible, horrible tragedy, but my life is kind of awesome. There’s some awesome in this. I hang out on a satellite with a Martian. That’s kind of cool right there. I’m never going to tell anybody, but that’s cool.” I kind of want to grant him that. I don’t think it diminishes anything for him to have a moment where he goes “You know what? I’m pretty good at this. It’s not bad. Okay, back to work.”


Looks like we'll find out in two years.


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