Alan Moore is a pretty polarizing cat these days. On one hand, he's sort of written off every fan and creator in comics. On the other hand, he's been watching South Park and enjoyed its superhero parody "The Coon." Love him, hate him or hate loving him, the impact of Moore's work in the comic book medium over the past few decades is a fascinating thing.

Provided you're comfortable with some rather tight and slightly psychedelic shots of Moore and his massive mane, you can now stream director DeZ Vylenz and Shadowsnake Films' entire 2003 biopic The Mindscape of Alan Moore for free on Snag Films.

The feature-length authorized film explores the creator's life and work up until 2002, which in retrospect seems like a much sunnier time for Moore and his fans. The soul-crushingly awful The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie hadn't been released, the Watchmen movie was years away and fans can presume kids were at least metaphorically staying off his lawn.

If you haven't caught the film yet, it helps paint a much fuller picture of a creator who can come off like a pretty -- justifiably or not -- big grump these days. Check out a clip from The Mindscape of Alan Moore after the cut.

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