Remember Tana Nile?

Nope? Well, fortunately for you I read Marvel's hyper obscure "Daydreamers" miniseries and some old "Thor" stuff so I can totally point out her cameo in this weekend's new "The Super Hero Squad Show" on Cartoon Network:

Tana Nile was Thor's girlfriend's alien roommate who decided to totally not conquer Earth on behalf of her people. Later on, she and Thor would party with Ego (the living planet) and she'd babysit Franklin Richards during his nervous breakdown as a result of watching his parents die and creating a parallel Earth for them to live in... I think.She died during "Annihilation," but her spirit lives on somehow in the episode "Tremble At The Might Of M.O.D.O.K."

Here's the official episode synopsis:

"It's time for M.O.D.O.K. to take his rightful place as leader of the villains on The Super Hero Squad Show! As the big-headed baddie and Loki scheme to rule the world, can special guest star Black Panther help the Squad overcome these super=powered foes? Can Iron Man convince Doctor Doom to 'Hero Up' with the Squad? And just what role does the Watcher play in this star studded-episode featuring Storm, Tana Nile, The Leader, Sabretooth and more?"

Strangely, Tana Nile wasn't really a villain in the comics. So her exasperated expression could likely be the result of realizing her inner goodness on the show.

At any rate, the children of 2009 will now know the greatness that is NILE!