Generally speaking, has earned a reputation for releasing highly-addictive games to coincide with its premiere characters and animated properties. The destroy productivity with controls that are simple but effective, difficulty levels that are ample but not frustrating and of course characters that any gamer would be happy to personify.

The site's most recent release, "The Superhero Squad Show: Stark Tower Defense" is no exception, giving genre fans and Marvelites of all ages an exercise in stopping Doctor Doom's attempted takeover of Super Hero City (and by extension, the world). Players place a variety of hero-based weapons (a Thor gun that shoots lightning, a Cyclops canon that emits an optic blast-style beam, etc.) around the pathways that surround Stark Tower, collecting money and refining their methods until all 30 stages are cleared.

As an avid tower defense fan, this could very well be the last time you hear from me until I beat "Epic" mode. Did I mention my favorite in-game feature is the "Pause" button? Because it is.

Remember me as I was...