To commemorate the upcoming Marvel Comics "FrankenCastle" event inside the pages of The Punisher's "Dead End" storyline by Rick Remender and Tan Eng Huat, has posted a "Build-A-Frank" monster cutout allowing for full-on facial customization.

Fans can really do whatever they want to the build, but the concept is perhaps at its most novel when the mug of Marvel EIC Joe Quesada's mug was applied for a "FrankenQuesada."

Still, the power is in the hands of fans, and as such, Marvel set up a Flickr pool allowing participants to compare their handiwork to other Photoshop'n mad scientists.

While other "FrankenCastle" images have implied Castle meets a monstrous condition, this new one seems to confirm it.

To find out for sure, fans will have to pick up "Punisher" #9 in September.

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