Ever since Garth Ennis's landmark run on "The Punisher" ended, the Marvel MAX version of Frank Castle has found himself in an interesting position. A series of writers have done quick runs or delivered punchy one-shots featuring The Punisher in his mature readers incarnation, sometimes to great effect. These are creator-focused comics, where the real draw is finally getting to see what someone like Duane Swierczynski or Mike Benson would do with everyone's favorite vigilante. Now, it's Charlie ("Moon Knight," "Wolverine: The Best There Is") Huston and Shawn ("Luke Cage: Noir") Martinbrough's turn at bat in "Punisher MAX: Hot Rods of Death." Huston's "Moon Knight" and various novels are wonderfully violent, and I'm honestly curious as to why it took this long to see him writing the Punisher. Martinbrough is a veteran artist who excels at drawing cities and gritty stories. Putting Punisher behind the wheel of a hot rod gives the two of them a chance to indulge in a new and exciting kind of violence.Marvel's official synopsis lays out the issue's car-infused content:

"Mad Billy" Finn pulled young Frank Castle's butt of out the fire in the 'Nam. So when he runs into some trouble a few decades later, in the form of a particularly unsavory biker gang, Frank's all too happy to help out an old friend. Get ready, Maruaduer, 'cause the Punisher is about to take you on a Highway to Hell. Get ready for the Punisher's War Wagon!

Check out the preview below: