The bizarro world humor of "Tales Designed to Thrizzle" and "Snake 'n Bacon" creator Michael Kupperman has made its way into "The New Yorker" plenty of times before via his editorial cartoons, but as will not surprise you at all if you are a fan of Kupperman, some of his work proved to be -- well, maybe a little too Kuppermany for "a certain monocled, top-hatted magazine," as he put it.

He recently posted a whole slew of those rejected "New Yorker" strips via his Twitpic account, including thwarted gems like Slightly Cursed Merchandise, Pigeons in Film, Martha Stewart Returns Home, Presidential Footwear, The Microscopic Goings-On in NYC, and the full-page How Well Do You Know Your Mutual Fund Manager, which Kupperman adds would have graced the entire back page of the mag -- if it hadn't been bumped by the 2002 invasion of Iraq.

Kupperman also mentioned that the mag approached him about doing more cartooning, but that "after years of working for them and other magazines like them, I am in the wrong income bracket to adopt their worldview/sense of humor." Wow, it's kind of like how rock stars get famous and rich and then find themselves unable to relate to the hardship and deprivation that originally inspired their music, but in reverse! That could be a great promotional catchphrase for the medium: "Comics: We Keep You Hungry."

(via Robot 6)

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