I think it's safe to say that we here at ComicsAlliance are fans of Great Comics that Never Happened, but we're certainly not the only ones who have rifled through longboxes and played a game of "wouldn't it be awesome if..." And as we found out today when we came across the gallery of comic art collector Randy Saitta, we're not the only ones who have done something about it, either.

Saitta seems to have glimpsed a finer world, where DC published a team-up book for Batman and The Shadow circa 1973, and while that didn't actually happen, he's brought it one step closer to reality through a series of commissioned "covers":

Featuring a first installment by the amazing and underrated Michael Wm. Kaluta, a veteran artist of "The Shadow" for both DC and Dark Horse who also provided the head shots for the "Shadow and the Knight" logo, Saitta's series of black-and-white "covers" currently stands at sixteen and boasts some truly beautiful work by a variety of artists. After the jump, a few of my favorites.

"The Shadow and the Knight" #2, by Howard Chaykin

"The Shadow and the Knight" #8, by Paul Gulacy

"The Shadow and the Knight" #10 by Kevin Nowlan

"The Shadow and the Knight" #14, by George Tuska

For more awesome Shadow/Batman team-up art, featuring the work of artists like Dick Giordano, Frank Brunner, Michael Golden and Walt Simonson, check out Saitta's full gallery.

(Via Kevin Church)