As is tradition, this past weekend at Comic-Con 2015 saw The Walking Dead shambling out its first trailer for the new season, and things are only getting bloodier in and out of Alexandria. We couldn’t help diving way deeper into every frame of footage, so what secrets of The Walking Dead Season 6 did we dig up?

Beware of major spoilers, and check out everything we found in our inside look at the secrets of The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer!

First and foremost, Carl’s budding love interest Enid seems to have gotten herself in trouble at multiple points over the course of the trailer, first seen walking outside around 00:30, next entering the gates at 00:31..

Apparently stopping for some sweet corn around 2:15…

And finally trapped in a car at 3:04.

Knowing what little we know about Enid, it’s entirely plausible one of her jaunts outside ended up going a little rougher than usual, but also possible is that we’re seeing a flashback to Enid’s time before arriving at Alexandria, ostensibly what traumatized her so much in the first place.

Rebuilding Alexandria

Here we see what appears to be a town meeting, likely in the aftermath of Pete and Reggie’s death, as Rick lays out his plan to keep Alexandria safe, later backed up by Deanna.

The only major objection seems to emerge from Ethan Embry’s as-yet-unnamed character, who’s later seen at odds with Rick in the midst of a tense outside mission.

Given the multiple shots interspersed through the trailer of crews working at a rock quarry, running through the woods, or facing down walkers, we’d guess that Embry participates in the efforts to expand Alexandria’s walls, though it seems a bit odd that Rick and Michonne would drop their constable duties to oversee construction

Ron Away

Several times throughout the trailer, we see what appears to be Jesse’s elder son Ron running, first tackled by what appears to be Rick at 1:06…

Post-tackle overlooking the quarry at 3:23…

And perhaps at 3:18 as well, though he appears to be wearing different clothes, and pursued by a different figure.

Rick and Ron will undoubtedly be at odds, what with Rick killing his father, and Ron exclaiming to his mother that Rick is dangerous, but it seems likely Rick will do his best to protect and win over the boy.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Graveyard

Given the number of Alexandria residents seen to bite the big one throughout the trailer, these two graves could represent anyone, though if we’re picking up from Season 5, Reginald Monroe and Pete Anderson seem like easy choices.

What gets particularly interesting is the shot at 1:21, as we see Abraham carrying said bodies into the graveyard, presumably the night before.

It stands to reason that Abraham might have put his strength to use moving the bodies in a timely fashion, but then again, if Reggie and Pete aren’t occupying the bags, one wonders who Abraham would mourn so dearly as to carry himself, and alone at that.

Hello, Heath

Here, we see our clearest look yet at Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins as Heath (on the right), aiding an unidentified figure alongside Michonne.

It’s possible the middle man is Scott, a similar counterpart of Heath’s from the comic that also injured his leg on a mission, but worth noting is the figure’s resemblance to another we’ll see later in the trailer, who apparently caught Morgan’s bad side.

Rick Vs. Morgan

Several times throughout the trailer, editing implies Rick and Morgan to be at odds. At 1:33, Morgan says something to the effect of “I know Rick, I can stop him, we have to,” though the context doesn’t make clear the exact significance of those words.

A similar effect is seen at 2:32, as Deanna convinces the group of Rick’s merit, and later at 2:49, as editing implies Morgan threatening Rick directly, but we’ll come back to that.

Herding the Herd

At around 1:39, we see a herd of walkers patiently shuffling down the intersection of “Redding” and “Marshall,” notable as the same corner we saw Rick overseeing in a prior publicity shot:

It seems likely that Rick (and probably others) are working to curb the walker mass away from Alexandria’s walls, as at 2:09 we see Rick driving an RV with some attention grabbing balloons:

And again at 3:02, which editing distinctly implies to be followed by the undead crowd.


Several occasions see Aaron looking mighty distressed, first confronted by Michonne at around 1:41, then below at 2:01.

We also later see Aaron in the sewers with Maggie looking somewhat banged up, but what could have happened to traumatize him so? Could Eric’s life be in danger?

Carl vs. Ron

As if the Grimes and the Andersons didn’t have enough bad blood, at 2:03 we spy Carl observing a intimate moment between Enid, and what appears to be Jesse’s elder son Ron again. Context could easily place the moment as grief over his father’s death, but either way, Carl doesn’t seem particularly welcome.

Watch your back, boys.

Has Alexandria Fallen?

At around 2:20 – 2:24, we get the distinct impression Alexandria has been invaded by the dead, as Michonne and others observes walkers shambling by their window. That gets especially distressing by the below shot of Jessie and Sam, which could well foreshadow a certain distressing sequence ripped right from the books.

Wolves at the Gate

Here’s where things get interesting, as walkers may not be the only threat to Alexandria. Note that the mysterious “Wolves” have been particularly absent from the trailer, while at 2:45, we see Carol running through the reeds:

And at 2:47, observing an unknown figure swing an axe at someone on the ground. It isn’t clear who either of these folk are, but the one on the business end of the axe looks a little too fresh for a walker.

Not only that, but why would Carol be hiding?

Zen Master Morgan

As we mentioned before, Morgan is seen at 2:49 to make some fairly menacing threats to an unseen figure, one whom the editing would have us believe is Rick. Don’t bet on it, however.

At 2:51, Morgan is seen to employ his famous bo staff on a man who looks suspiciously like the figure Michonne and Heath were seen to carry earlier, though we can’t say for sure.

Also unclear is if the attack directly follows the above threat, though the locations seem reasonably similar. It gets even weirder as 2:52 appears to show Carl brandishing an assault rifle in the home:

While the next shot immediately goes to Morgan, also armed indoors.

Keep in mind, the editing is almost certainly playing tricks on us.

Killer Carol

Deepen the mystery for you? Okay! At 2:50, we see a hooded figure shooting up Alexandria streets:

Firing at two figures who are almost certainly among the living.

So, who is this mystery assailant? Almost undoubtedly Carol, as seen at 2:53 with the same coat, albeit unhooded.

Might the wolves have officially have invaded Alexandria, or has Carol gone plain crazy?

Requisite Rick Threats

Again implied to be conflict between Rick and Morgan, at 2:55 we see Rick making some ominous warnings while holding a grounded figure at gunpoint.

The question is, were he not to be threatening Morgan, and perhaps one of the aforementioned invaders, why would he go to the trouble of listing names like Daryl, Michonne or Glenn? We’re disinclined to trust the suggestion of Morgan, though it’s at least someone familiar on the other end of that gun.

Another Casualty

Someone’s clearly been injured at 3:16, though less certain is who that shock of blonde hair belongs to. Could this be what had Aaron so earlier unnerved?

The closest blonde we could find was among the mystery group Daryl encounters at 3:49, though the build and clothing don’t quite match.

The Siege Begins

Flaming walkers! This appears to be Maggie and Deanna watching the carnage at 3:17, but that poor flaming soul couldn’t have scaled the wall on his own.

Are we looking at an Alexandrian along the wall, on the wrong end of some terrible accident? Could someone have purposefully set the figure ablaze, and launched him over as part of an assault? Fire is certainly worth looking into, as…

Daryl Dixon Danger

The closing stinger sees Daryl bound by a mysterious man with a gun, as well as his traveling companions (note the blonde from earlier) in a burnt patch of forest.

Daryl’s “I ain’t who you think I am” doesn’t exactly clarify matters, but look again at the man’s forehead. Does anyone else spy a certain “W” that might have digitally been erased?

Well, what do we think? Does The Walking Dead Season 6 seem like the most intense yet? What other details from the trailer are worth another look? Stay tuned for the latest, and get hungry for The Walking Dead Season 6's October 11 premiere!

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