It's safe to say that, following the runaway success of the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead, a few million fans have been hungry for more. If you're among those ravenous masses, The Hollywood Reporter's found an unofficial, fan-made 40-second teaser for The Walking Dead season two that captures the longing for more. It may seem like more of a nibble than a proper bite, but it's better than nothing as the wait for the show's fall premiere continues. Check out the fan teaser after the jump.Adapted from the Image/Skybound comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, the second season of The Walking Dead will reportedly pick up right where the first left off. Kirkman told THR, "The last time we saw our characters, they were loaded up into the RV and they were driving away from the CDC. We will definitely see where that caravan is going and follow them on their journey. So, pretty much where we get blown up." Kirkman also noted on Twitter that he thought the fan teaser was "very cool."

The unofficial teaser may not show footage from the upcoming season, but it's never a bad time to watch protagonist Rick Grimes rid the world of another roamer/lurker/biter.

See the fan-made The Walking Dead season two teaser below:

[Via THR]

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