Facebook stands to become a much bitier place in April when AMC and Eyes Wide Games's The Walking Dead Social Game rises to potentially overrun user timelines with game-related status updates. We saw stills from the soon-to-launch free game based on the TV series earlier this week, giving some idea of what its gameplay will look like... so far it's quite a bit sunnier than Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore or Charlie Adlard's black and white comic book. New video demonstrating the title's gameplay will probably sit better with those unsure about its aesthetic, though. It's all turn-based "shoot a dude in the face with a crossbow" and "chop off a head with a hatchet," just the way people seem to like. See pixelated versions of Shane, Rick and Daryl from The Walking Dead Social Game in action against the undead after the jump.

The TWD Social Game lacks the cinematic qualities and overall sophistication of Telltale's TWD game, which also debuts in April, but its "hundreds" of quests and locations should make it similarly appealing to fans of the franchise. For those who don't necessarily relish the idea of participating in a game where survival depends largely on an addiction to Facebook (your character is vulnerable to zombie attacks even while you're logged off), having that much to do might seem daunting. FB users without such reservations, however, probably won't mind killing time by killing zombies.

See the currently silent gameplay footage from The Walking Dead Social Game below:




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