As an auspicious sequel to his startlingly awesome gallery of Batman's rogues, artist Dennis Culver has illustrated an impressive and perhaps even more blogworthy lineup of some of the most memorable characters from HBO's celebrated crime drama "The Wire," a series known for tapping talented character actors to create an immersive and emotionally-charged Baltimore. The massive character gallery after the jump features all your favorites and more, from McNulty and Kima to Omar and Bodie.Culver, artist of Oni's "True Tales of the Roller Derby" and the forthcoming "Odd Schnozz and the Odd Squad," has been drawing one "Wire" character a day as a means of honing a more hard boiled, screentone-heavy style. The individual portraits can be seen in Culver's Flickr stream and on Tumblr, where the prodigious artist, in addition to his Batman and "The Wire" work, has been publishing one new drawing every day for the last 287 days.

HBO: Make a "The Wire" comic book and hire Dennis Culver to draw it.

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