If you happened to spend any time at all walking around Portland's 2010 Stumptown Comics Festival, you may have see a local artist and comic-maker named Theo Ellsworth. His art seems to imbibe subtle moods and personalities similar to what you'll find in Renée French's work with the same quiet doses of the surreal and a recurring air of Aztec inspiration. He also pours on sprawling repetitive textures and inhuman skins that liven up his figures like Matt Furie characters on occasion. And even if you didn't see him at Stumptown, you may still have a chance to catch a new Giant Robot show he's got opening up in Los Angeles on November 6.

You'll get a flavorful taste of Ellsworth's style from his web design skills alone over on his site ThoughtCloudFactory.com. He also posts newer creations and info on his personal blog, where you'll see that you've got until December 8 to make his exhibit.

And if you still don't happen to be on the West Coast, you could do many worse things with your time than sniffing around his online gallery or checking out our favorite pulls from his collection below.