On Friday we announced a Thor: The Mighty Avenger tribute contest to pay homage to the recently canceled series, and we're pleased to announce the winner, Jessica Vizzone (who should e-mail us!), whose original two-page comic about finding Thor: TMA just in time to lose it forever may ring true with many others. "I too have felt the cancellation depression hit me like a stack of bricks in my heart," said Jessica, "so I shall gladly show you my metaphorical depiction of my pain through the use of crappy art work and melodrama." Click through for a bigger version, and see the rest of the comic -- and some of our other favorites entries -- after the jump.

(Click to enlarge)

Jay Potts was also a strong contender for the top spot with an impressive Chris Samnee-inspired drawing of the Norse hero himself:

Mickey Rossi treated us to original art that was inspired by his daughter: "I have a daughter named Mia whose favorite Squaddies are Hulk and Thor. She's already starting to grow out of Super Hero Squad, and all ages titles like Thor: TMA are a good segue until she's old enough for the mainstream titles. It's not just about this title getting canceled. It's about supporting all ages titles in general. It's about cultivating the next generation of comic book readers."

Rem Zelaya keeps the faith with an Thor image straight out of the Obama '08 campaign:

Chris Macdonald imagines Thor having a cold one with Captain Britain, another Marvel hero whose comic was canceled before its time:

Airy Maher creates a Thor: The Mighty Avenger/Monty Python mashup using art from the series:

(click to enlarge)

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Your enthusiasm and time were appreciated.

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