Free Comic Book Day: For those still mourning the loss of Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee's Thor: The Mighty Avenger, have heart! Fans can catch one more tale with a time travel adventure uniting the Thunder God with the Sentinel of Liberty this Free Comic Book Day with Captain America/Thor. [iFanboy]

Musicals: There've been more than a few injuries stemming from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark rehearsals and performances, but according to the show's Mary Jane, Jenn Damiano, they aren't completely unexpected considering the show's complex and dangerous stunts.. [Variety]

Movies: Chris Evans hasn't always played role models, but to play Captain America, he's turned to an Eagle Scout friend of his for inspiration. [SuperheroHype]

Toys: Being battle damaged never looked so good thanks to Hot Toys' upcoming take on Iron Man 2. [Tomopop]

Threads: If you're looking to sauté mushrooms with ultimate authenticity, one of these Mushroom Kingdom inspired aprons is probably in order... if only they were still in stock on Etsy. [The Daily What]

Gaming: Curious about the continuity ins-and-outs of Mass Effect 2's PS3-exclusive comic? Joystiq breaks it down for fans just in time for the holidays. [Joystiq]

Humor: Graham Annable paints a pretty accurate picture of how a young Santa Claus might operate with "Hipster Santa." [Super Punch]

Digital Comics: Indie Comics galore can now be had on the Sad Comics app for the iPad. The current version is free, with a premium app set to arrive before long. [Scott McCloud by way of The Beat]

Reveals: DC Comics finally sheds some light on the identity of Solstice, a character the Teen Titans will be getting to know very soon. [The Source]

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