As the fourth and latest installment of Threadless' Comics-On Tees series, writer Chris Roberson (iZombie, Memorial) collaborates with artists Mike Allred, Colleen Coover, Chris Samnee, and Francesco Francavilla to create a collection of t-shirts entitled Monkey Around. The Comics-On Tees series (which debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2011) features a fusion of fashion, art, and comic narratives; each story is created by a team of writers and artists to convey a sequential story within the limits of four t-shirts.
Written by Roberson, Monkey Around starts off with a lab monkey who acquires a device that allows him to travel to "the other layers of reality -- comic books!" (as seen in issue/shirt #1, illustrated by Allred). The primate protagonist then hops across the comic realms of romance comics (issue/shirt #2, illustrated by Coover), superhero comics (issue/shirt #3, illustrated by Samnee), and ends his adventure in a monster comic (issue/shirt #4, illustrated by Francavilla).

Not only did Roberson and his collaborators successfully craft a clever storyline that called for a variety of art styles, but each shirt also works as its own standalone story.

The shirts are $24 an issue, or $79 for the collected edition of four shirts.

Monkey Around, Issue 2, Vol. 4, by Colleen Coover

Monkey Around, Issue 3, Vol. 4, by Chris Samnee

Monkey Around, Issue 4, Vol. 4, by Francesco Francavilla

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