Kim Fung Wong and designer Ashley Wood's ThreeA Toys is generally considered a company for the collector's collector. From enormous mechs that look lifted straight off the battlefields of a post-apocalyptic future war to hyper-detailed fashion dolls armed to the teeth with stylish attire and weaponry, ThreeA's known for producing limited runs that sell out online before casual fans can type out their credit card numbers - and that's just for their original creations. Over the past few years ThreeA has begun collaborating with video game and entertainment companies for even more in-demand licensed toys, such as Halo and Real Steel. This year the company is poised for something even bigger, however, as ThreeA prepares to roll out a new line of 1/6 scale Marvel Comics characters.According to ThreeA's official announcement, Wood will be reimagining Marvel's heroes and villains in his signature ThreeA style. The company joins Hot Toys in the high-end 1/6 scale action figure arena, although ThreeA will be specializing in the comic universe design space rather than HT's movie-centric zone.

While it's too early to know when the figures will debut, ThreeA's given a firm 2013 timetable. Pricing info hasn't surfaced either, but considering what similarly-scaled ThreeA figures go for, fans can probably expect to pay anywhere from $80-300+ a pop depending on the size and complexity of the character.

At the ThreeA forums Wood mentioned wanting to cover the Marvel spectrum "from Wolverine to MODOK" and briefly mentioned Dr. Doom, while at Action Figure Pics Wood stated that he's already working on a third figure in the line and mentioned that "a must is The Thing, fully articulated no visible joints, paying homage to the Byrne version from his classic run."

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