Luke Cage knew he wasn't stepping into a cozy 9-5 gig when he took to reforming the troubled Thunderbolts in issue #144. Even so, writer Jeff Parker and artists Kev Walker and Marko Djurdjevic sure aren't making things easy for the steel-skinned hero. In anticipation of June 23's "Thunderbolts" #145, Marvel's released a special preview illustrating the new team's tested loyalties.

Here's what Marvel has to say about Parker and Walker's upcoming issue and the all-new character set to make its debut.

When a magical landmark like Asgard crashes to Earth, the fallout doesn't end just by sweeping up the wreckage. This historic disaster has unleashed unprecedented threats, and one of them is pillaging the American Midwest! This sounds like the perfect mission for Luke Cage's untested team of incarcerated superhumans-and while the newly assembled Thunderbolts boast the power of Juggernaut, Ghost, Moonstone, Crossbones and Man-Thing, are even they ready to handle the girl known only as...Troll?

Troll, eh? Is that some kind of meta thing? Check out Marvel's three-page preview after the jump.

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