For a genre largely concerned with larger-than-life battles, superhero comics generally have a very poor portrayal of violence. The fights lack choreography, the hits are lackluster, and the stakes flip-flop from huge to nil. One notable exception is Marvel's Thunderbolts, which has embraced the violence of the the genre to the fullest extent.

This week sees the release of Thunderbolts #149, with words by Jeff Parker, art by Declan Shalvey, and colors by Frank Martin. Why should you pay attention? Easy: T-bolts #149 features most of the team in Shadowland fighting Daredevil's ninjas. Since they're fighting undead ninjas, the team can really cut loose, and when you're reading about a team featuring Crossbones, Juggernaut, Moonstone, and Man-Thing, "cutting loose" is going to be something serious. Check out the preview and some dope superheroic action after the jump.

Luke Cage's squad of fierce felons face the nature of true evil when they uncover secrets of the ancient order known as The Hand beneath Hell's Kitchen! Will a group of people rarely known for doing the right thing choose a higher path-or will they add to the power of the ninja cult? Meanwhile, as Cage fights to help his friend Daredevil up on the streets, he realizes that he picked a bad time to trust his skeleton crew of criminal operatives on an unsupervised mission!

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