You may have caught a glimpse of Timothy Lim's brilliance at work yesterday in his "Calvin and Hobbes"-style explanation of "Spider-Man: One More Day," but unless you clicked on through to his various online homes, you may have missed a few of his mash-up accomplishments. Not only has he painted Conan beheading Destro while riding a My Little Pony, he's also paired up Batman and Rorschach for a two-man portrait and contemplated Wolverine's masculinity by slipping him into a tutu.

Lim's "It's a Good Life" comics riff on Bill Watterson is well enough, but the guy can also pump out pulp posters of "Darkstalkers" characters and "Fallout 3"-style ads for the Ghostbusters like nobody's business. You can find such wonders on his deviantART account and in his Ninjaink portfolio.

If those works of art and his realistic re-imagining of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers aren't enough to put him on your watch list, I don't know what will be, but a few more examples await your approval below.