It's no secret that artist Timothy Lim is one of our favorite things to happen to mash-up art on the Internet in the last decade. From Edvard Munch and Starscream to Calvin and Hobbes and Spider-Man, virtually everything he creates looks like it has been kissed by the AllSpark. His latest wave of work, for instance, includes classically touched-up remixes of The Avengers in the spirit of Art Nouveau and G.I. Joe (though not at the same time).We've linked out to Lim's ninjaink account on deviantART before, but if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor right now. Inside, such wonders as "Statler and Waldorf's Excellent Adventure" and Samus Aran as Optimus Prime await you.

Moreover, you'll see a few limited edition T-shirts that you've missed out on. Feel the regret, feel the great art, and feel the power of a Disney Transformer in "Beast" mode after the jump.