Since we didn't actually get to spend much time with the Avengers in their formative days, TinyCo's figured that's the perfect timeframe to place its upcoming game, Marvel Avengers Academy. Instead of being the underpowered teens they would have been in the real comic world, Avengers Academy takes the heroes and villains we all know today, powers and all, and drops them into the most dangerous adventure yet: high school.

With the constant bickering, backstabbing, odd romantic entanglements, power dynamic struggles and all the drama being a tightly knit group of friends entails, you'd think the Avengers were perpetually stuck in high school already. That's not the case, though you could argue being stuck in relatively the same five years of their lives over the last 50 years is equally as terrifying as being stuck in high school for eternity.

In a new trailer, we finally get to see some of the Academy's best and brightest in their new forms, though there's still no actual gameplay to talk about. Still, seeing the revamped versions of Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America filling the roles of a John Hughes movie is kind of neat. It's still going to take some actual gameplay to convince me whether or not Avengers Academy is going to be any good. That said, the art direction going this way is a decent start.



There's still no sign of Hawkeye or Kamala Khan outside of the promotional art (check out the gallery above), though both are set to appear in some form in the final game. It's interesting given that Kamala is one of the few characters that's actually age appropriate for Avengers Academy, whereas others like Captain America and Iron Man appear to still have their backstories attached. How Captain America could be a living legend in high school and why Iron Man already has Stark Tower to live and work in are curious questions indeed. Perhaps those will be addressed in the game, but we've got a bit of time until we find all that out.

Marvel Avengers Academy is due to arrive on mobile devices in early 2016.


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