If you're a long-time ComicsAlliance reader, you may recall that when Titan announced a line of comics based on Hammer Films library of British horror movies, there was one that I said was virtually guaranteed to happen: Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, a cult favorite that brings one of the best possible taglines you could ask for if you're doing a supernatural horror comic in 2017. And now, we know that it's happening.

Following up on The Mummy: Palimpsest, in which Hammer's take on the classic monster was revived by Peter Milligan and Ronilson Freire, Titan will be launching a new Captain Kronos series that will continue the adventures of the cult-favorite two-sworded vampire hunting hero, from the team of Dan Abnett and Tom Mandrake.

It's not the first time that we've gotten a comic book version of Kronos --- there was a three-part adaptation that ran in the pages of House of Hammer back in 1976, seen below --- but it will be the first one in over 40 years, and, unless Titan is doing something very experimental, the first to last more than fifteen pages.


Captain Kronos from House of Hammer #1
Captain Kronos from House of Hammer #1


Originally released in 1974, Kronos was sort of the counter-point to Hammer's long-standing horror franchises, which were basically about pitting Christopher Lee as Dracula against an increasingly irritating series of people who we wouldn't mind seeing exsanguinated. Kronos, on the other hand, was the kind of dude who would meditate in a field for six hours holding a sword in each hand while one of the studio's seemingly endless supply of beautiful women would fall asleep from boredom, and then get up and go chop off a vampire's head.

Shockingly --- and I mean that seriously, because a) that movie rules, and b) they made nine movies about Dracula and thus were not exactly resistant to the idea of sequels --- Captain Kronos never got a second film despite being intended as a franchise. With that in mind, the comics seem like a great place to expand on his weird universe.


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