FromSoftware's Dark Souls series of video games have captured players' imaginations and fueled their frustrations with its no-holds-barred, no-quarter-given style of gameplay. The franchise has developed a fierce following over the course of three games that have spun off into all sorts of other media, including comics books via Titan Comics.

Earlier this year, Titan launched its first eponymous Dark Souls comic by George Mann and Alan Quah, and today the publisher has announced the creative team are reuniting for  a sequel miniseries titled Dark Souls: Winter's Spite due for release this November.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it is set in a mythical world with monsters and dragons and and casts the player character as a prophesized hero --- cursed as undead --- who must travel and acquire the Lord Souls which will prevent the world from plunging into the Age of Dark. Later games continue the story as the First Flame is in constant jeopardy of dying out.

Dark Souls is just one of Titans ever expanding range of video games licenses, with a recently launched Dishonored series and an ever-expanding line of Assassin's Creed comics also making up the ranks of what looks to be a profitable niche for the publisher.

Here's the official description of the new series:

Beyond this tenuous fabric lies a place of banishment; a world within a world where the frigid nights endure and even the Old Lords fear to tread. Only the deluded dare venture there, yet in these times of misery, sometimes madness is our only path toward salvation...

Check out the variant covers below:


DarkSouls_WS_1_Cover_B_Nat Jones
Nat Jones


DarkSouls_WS_1_Cover_C_Nick Percival
Nick Percival
DarkSouls_WS_1_Cover_D_Jana Heidersdorf
Jana Heidersdorf
DarkSouls_WS_1_Cover_E_Caspar Wijngaard
Caspar Wijngaard


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