The Darkness: First Look coverPress Release

Top Cow Productions is proud to announce the upcoming release of the new The Darkness ongoing series scheduled to debut in stores in December 2007. In order to give new and devoted fans alike a chance to preview the new series, Top Cow will release The Darkness: First Look in November 2007.

The Darkness: First Look will feature an eight page preview of the first issue of the ongoing series along with additional behind-the-scenes material from writer Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Deep Sleeper) and artist Michael Broussard (Unholy Union). Hot on the heels of the stunning events of Top Cow's summer event First Born, Jackie Estacado has fled his old life and has established himself in a new locale with a new look and some shadowy new allies. Die hard fans of The Darkness are sure to enjoy this evolution of Top Cow's anti-hero and new fans coming onboard from the hit video game from 2K and Starbreeze will find it a reader friendly jumping on point. And with both Hester and Broussard committed to the title for the foreseeable future, readers are assured a consistent and high quality new series.

The Darkness: First Look will be in stores in mid-November and carry a cover price of 99 cents.

"I feel like I know huge secret and can't wait to let everyone in on it. Michael's art is a revelation and I believe the story will satisfy faithful Darkness fans while staking out new territory for the character," commented writer Phil Hester, "We're going all out to make the book scarier, smarter, sexier and weirder. I won't go as far as telling retailers to build on to their stores to accommodate the hordes of new readers, but I guarantee that The Darkness #1 will deliver."

"This new Darkness series is ridiculously good," added Filip Sablik, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Top Cow, "I'd go so far as to say if you don't like what Phil and Michael do on this book, you might not like comics."

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