With Marvel seemingly waiting to promote the November 8 release of Thor: The Dark World until after Iron Man 3 gets its Spring/Summer in the sun, fans don't know all that much about the God of Thunder's cinematic sequel. Even so, Hasbro was still able to show off a few 2 Thorst 2 Thorious items at this week's Toy Fair 2013. The Odinson's 3.75" action figure line will return with a cloaked Thor, a suitably darker-dressed Loki and an armored Dark Elf (did I ever tell you guys my Skyrim character is a Dark Elf named Darkelfy? Dude's smithing ability is sooooo high). Role-play fans will also be stoked to see the return of Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir, which will be available in a few varieties for all of your storm-summoning needs. Get a load of Hasbro's upcoming Thor: The Dark World offerings after the jump.

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