Like robots that punch each other with the intended goal of knocking their opponent's head up a few notches? Like Transformers and Marvel Comics characters? Hasbro's got just what the mechanical chiropractor ordered with its upcoming line of Transformers and Marvel Super Hero Slam Battle Masters action figures and we've got video from Toy Fair 2014 demonstrating their mashy moves.

Standing at around 5-6ish inches tall, the upcoming Marvel Battle Masters figures are bulky versions of some of the most popular Avengers and X-Men (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America). The toys have built-in action features when played with solo, but they also come with handles that fans can mount them on and control via a trigger. This basically prevents users from bashing their friends' hands when all they really want is to bash a rival figure.

On top of the physical battle tech, these figures will also be able to activate special features within Hasbro's upcoming Battle Masters app on iOS (and potentially other platforms). They're an action figure, they're a physical game, they're a video game -- they're masters of battling toy limitations, it seems.

Individual Battle Masters will go for $15 a pop when they arrive later this year, with a special Iron Man/Hulk two-pack arriving for $25. You can check them out in action below.



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