It's the stuff every supervillain-in-training dreams of: A six-legged remote-controlled spider robot that can fire 25 foam darts in rapid succession (although I guess superheroes-in-training probably dream of it too). Say hello to the upcoming NERF Combat Creatrues Attacknid, the future of pretend warfare.

The Attacknid didn't begin as a NERF product. It was invented by Jaimie Mantzel and the first few permutations have been available from Wow! Stuff through various retailers for about a year. The NERF version will include a new controller (not shown at Toy Fair), some redesigned components, and of course that NERF orange. Naturally, it'll also be firing official NERF darts as well.

NERF Attacknid-ing will officially commence this fall, with models arriving at major retailers and online for $79.99. Alistair Smythe is going to be so stoked.

You can see the NERF Combat Creatures Attacknid in action below.



NERF Combat Creatures Attacknid 1
NERF Combat Creatures Attacknid 2


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