After ditching the DC Universe Classics line and moving to 3.75" figures with the initial launch of DC Multiverse, it was a bit of a surprise to see Mattel would once again enter the 6" arena with the Multiverse collection. It made sense of course, given that DC Comics and Warner Bros. were releasing a new tentpole movie featuring all three of the comic company's iconic heroes, and (hopefully) kickstarting a cinematic universe. But the Multiverse line is much more than just Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and as recent releases like Arrow's Green Arrow and The Flash's Flash have shown, Mattel has larger goals in mind for the figure line.

That DC TV love will continue into the next wave, which will introduce CBS' Supergirl into the mix. It's good to see that a third party licensor sees the value of Supergirl toys, even as DC itself has struggled to find a way to make Kara Zor-el relevant in print and within its own collectibles. Green Arrow and Flash had to wait a season or two until they got their shot a figures, but Supergirl's jumping right out of the gate with her first attempt. That said, based on how infrequently the Multiverse line has shipped so far, it's unlikely we'll see this Supergirl figure until the fall. We've still got the second half of the Dawn of Justice wave and the TV/comics mix to come, plus those Suicide Squad figures.

Speaking of Dawn of Justice, there wasn't much new on the deck from the upcoming film present as far as Multiverse was concerned. Aquaman and Knightmare Batman were present, as was a new two-pack of Superman and Batman (exclusive to Toys 'R Us). The Multiverse Aquaman does look better than the Dawn of Justice line version, but that isn't that big of an accomplishment. The hairstyle they gave to Jason Momoa is proving to be a big problem for Mattel across all forms, but at least they got those tattoos right. The Superman/Batman pack includes new headsculpts for the two figures, including a removable cowl for Batman, which looks awkward, and a heat-vision head for Supes. That these are exclusive to one retailer isn't a big deal now, but if they come with parts to the build-a-figure grappling gun, fans will likely revolt in the toy aisles.

On the comic side of the Multiverse, Doomsday will be the BAF for the wave that includes Supergirl. There's also a prison time Lex Luthor (spoilers for the end of Dawn of Justice I guess?), as well as Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman and Mutant Leader to go with the Walmart-exclusive Superman, Batman and Son of Batman figures available now... if you can find them. Good luck with that. The Superman/Doomsday hybrid figure is an interesting choice given that there's already a Superman and a Doomsday figure in this line, and I can certainly think of about a dozen characters that I'd rather have seen get figures than that deep cut.

Hopefully more concreted details on release dates for these waves will be divulged before too long. If the impossible-to-find Wonder Woman is any indication, that Supergirl is going to be one tough figure to track down no matter when it drops. That's a good thing, provided Mattel is able to keep supply chains up and allow fans a chance to find her on places that aren't eBay.

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