Filling the play demands that exists between Hasbro's main line of Transformers action figures and its bricky KRE-O building sets have come new Construct-Bots, customizable -- and yes, fully-transformable -- new robots in disguise due at retail on August 1. CA hit the toymaker's build-a-bot breakfast this morning to see what the line had to offer and, despite my best efforts to make the goofiest figure possible, I discovered that this play system manages to handle even the ugliest designs with action figure aplomb.

Don't worry, Hasbro's main line of Construct-Bots will give fans the opportunity to build transformable versions of their favorite characters. New takes on Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Ironhide and others were all on display at the breakfast. But what good is a customizable figure system without a little madness?

I began building with the line's basic figure frame - an articulated kind of chassis/skeleton befitting toys that transform from robot dudes into wheeled and winged vehicles. From there I popped on hands, feet, leg pieces, shoulder armor, chest and back pieces, wheels, wings, jet engines, a head, and a ton of weapons. Liefeldian amounts of weapons.

I did my best to mismatch colors and place things where perhaps they shouldn't go. I wanted a disasterpiece. Alas, the toy's sturdy, rubbery articulated pegs and intuitive pieces somehow steered me toward a creation of startling beauty (IMHO). No, it doesn't really transform in a traditional sense, but only because I ignored every opportunity to make that happen within the system's parameters.

Part of me was tempted to pop a Soundwave head on a peg coming from this thing's torso like some kind of Cybertronian Quato, but after naming it after my wife, this scenario didn't seem just. Okay, I actually just forgot.

Take a look at Hasbro's Construct-Bots Transformers in action below.