A number of awesome packages come off the mail truck at the ComicsAlliance team's respective headquarters, but Hasbro's Transformers: Dark of the Moon (in theaters today) press kit is the first I've gotten that actually was a truck -- or a truck's trailer, at least. Optimus Prime's trailer quickly transformed from mere box to a portal of toy goodness in my clutches after it arrived, revealing a MechTech Sentinel Prime, an Optimus Prime Robo Power Cine-Mask equipped with 3-D lenses and other goodies including a t-shirt. Check out the unboxing after the jump.Sentinel Prime's got a pretty hardcore transformation process between his robot and fire truck modes, while the smaller-scale Bumblebee and Optimus Prime toys demonstrate concepts new to Dark of the Moon including a "Mechtech" weaponized vehicle function similar to the "Stealth Force" component in Activision's videogame prelude and Optimus' upcoming flying capabilities.

Even though I would need a version roughly three times its current kid-friendly size to actually take advantage of its tech, I think Hasbro's Optimus Prime Robo Power Cine-Mask that uses RealID lenses is a lot of fun. I've felt pretty burned by what's gone down in the Michael Bay Transformers films up to this point (despite digging a number of the toys), but for those earnestly entering the franchise, a mask like this is a cool example of toy form meeting movie function. Since I can't wear it myself, however, I'll be introducing Sentinel Prime to my pug while she shuns my enthusiastic, but completely awful Leonard Nimoy impression.

Catch the box's transformation from trailer to toy dispenser below:

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