Today is Halloween, but fun-size candy bars and the occasional caramel apple aren't the only treats that are being handed out. All across the Internet, comics creators have been offering up some spoooooky stories for free, providing plenty of free Halloween reading for comics fans everywhere.

Check out five of our favorites below, including a massive sampler from Dark Horse, all-new original comics from creators like Karl Kesel, David Malki! and KC Green, and a 12-page Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE fan-comic from Kyle Starks that you can read right here at ComicsAlliance!First and biggest of today's horrifying offerings is Dark Horse's 119-page Drawing On Your Nightmares sampler, which features one of the best upgrades a Halloween standard has ever experienced: A zombie that is also stuffed with dynamite:

As you might expect, this thing's got stuff from most of DH's extensive horror line, including Hellboy, Buffy, Creepy, and the new books from creators like Tim Seeley and Paul Tobin. The MVP, though, is Richard Corben, whose moody, distorted art is darn near perfect for horror. If you don't have a Dark Horse Digital account -- which you do, if you've ever used their iPad app to buy digital comics from them -- you'll have to create one, but it's not that huge a hassle for such a massive amount of free comics.

Over at Thrillbent, Karl Kesel, Ron Randall, Jeremy Colwell and Grace Allison are offering up City of the Dead:

It's actually a crossover between Randall's Trekker and Kesel's Johnny Zombie, but it's easy to pick up even if you're completely unfamiliar with the characters -- which, not gonna lie, I was going into it. There's sharp stuff here, a little humor, and a great use of digital comics to control pacing and tension without a lot of dialogue. It's the first part of a two-part story that'll wrap up in two weeks, and there's a free download in .cbz or .pdf too!

At Wondermark, David Malki! has diverged from his usual olde-timey style and teamed up with KC Green for a three-part Halloween special called Emmy and the Eggs:

This thing is awesome. Ridiculously entertaining, creepy and weird but also kind of sweet and nice at the end, with a premise that's completely different from any other Halloween story I've ever read.

At Model Student, Jake Bell and Joe Bowen take a break from their story of boarding school ultraviolence for Knock Knock:

Unlike the others, this one is built a little more like a classic Twilight Zone episode. And while you're there, the first arc of Model Student is available as a .cbz for your reading pleasure.

Finally, we have Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE: Rescue From Ghost Planet X, a fan-comic by the always amazing Kyle Starks. You may remember Starks from the awesome The Legend of Ricky Thunder and Adventure Wizard over at his site, and the Wild Dog fan comic that we posted right here at CA, and he's allowed us to do the same with this one!


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