The new "Tron: Legacy" trailer has kind of set the Internet ablaze with equal parts nostalgia and awe - and rightly so - but some comic fans might point out that this is actually the film's second sequel thanks to SLG Publishing's 2006 six-issue miniseries (and a novelization) "Tron: Ghost in the Machine."

While "Ghost in the Machine" got a collected edition last year, all six single issues are still prevalent on both SLG's online store and Amazon. Fans can check out the TPB over at SLG's shop as well.

"Legacy" and "Ghost" are stacked with similarities, most notably that each series' protagonists are versions of Alan Bradley's or Kevin Flynn's sons from the present sent into the digital world. "Ghost" has something of a darker tone, however, with a son returning to a somewhat unpleasant world rather than visiting it for the first time to see his father.

You can check out the 2006 trailer for SLG's series after the jump for the full scoop on its creative team of Landry Walker, Eric Jones and artist Louie De Martinis. It may just be the thing to tide fans over until "Tron: Legacy" arrives in theaters on December 17.

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