I think we can all agree that for all of its benefits, PhotoShop pretty much ruined the movie poster industry -- and nobody was hit harder than horror movies. Maybe it's just that I'm old enough to have memories of being absolutely terrified of an aisle at my local video store, but I'm continually fascinated by the awesomely terrible art that used to adorn VHS boxes.

That's why today, with Halloween just around the corner, ComicsAlliance is continuing its mission to celebrate the more underappreciated art of pop culture by raiding CriticOnline's truly fantastic VHS cover archive to pick out 25 of the most awesomely terrible (and terribly awesome) horror movie boxes ever!

Hey, it's not just me, right? This is definitely Miley Cyrus:

So much time and effort was spent during the VHS era trying to make kitty cats seem horrifically frightening, and the end result was this tagline:

Does anyone else sing the word "Fangoria" to the tune of the Pixies' "Velouria" every single time they see the word? Because if you don't, you should give it a shot:

Nike's "We will stab you if you wear Adidas" campaign was one of the least successful advertising ventures of the '80s.

No prizes for guessing what that screenwriter's ex-wife's name was. For more, including The Satan Killer and Death Ship (a boat that eats people, not fanfic about Neil Gaiman's comics), check out 30 more of my picks, or browse CriticOnline's gallery for yourself. Clear out the rest of the day, though; you'll be there for a while.

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