When Rickey Purdin isn't busy working as an assistant editor at DC Comics, he turns his attention to movies - specifically some of his favorite flicks from the bygone era of VHS tapes that shaped so many of our childhoods. At his VHS Notebook Tumblr, the cartoonist celebrates movies that make him happy by drawing their most radical characters, writing down what he calls "goofy notes" and then sharing them online every Tuesday and Thursday. VHS Notebook's been brimming with horror films of late in accordance with this past Halloween, but they're joined by a variety of sci-fi and teen flicks as well. Purdin puts a special amount of loving artistic detail into his VHS box art homages, which transform the likes of movies like The Addams Family, The Return of the Living Dead, Fright Night and more into cartoony timecapsules that'll have you calling your parents to see if they still have that old VCR in the basement. You can sample a few of our favorite notebook pages by Purdin after the jump.

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