First off, the good news is that if you loved that Tyler Stout Akira poster from a few days ago, he's got an arsenal of other eyeball-tickling works to get you gaping. Stout's deep catalog of posters covers films such Inglourious Basterds and Monster Squad, as well as a prominent musical acts, including Phish and the Decemberists.
Oh yeah, and did we mention that many of his pieces have a heavy pug influence?

Take a gander at the Ghostbusters and Neverending Story-inspired Menomena posters in his portfolio on, and all will be made clear. And for crying out loud, what would it take to get this guy on an Iron Man cover?

He's got this ultra-vivid Laurenn McCubbin meets Tim Bradstreet kind of look to his work that keeps your eyes dancing from the time they connect with a line or color. So dance on with your eyeballs! And check out a few of our favorite Stout concoctions below.

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